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  • What are the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics?
    The Clinics are a training program that combines the development of sports skills together with the work of the values attached to sport. For 5 consecutive days, participants will have the opportunity to train with the Real Madrid Academy training methodology by coaches who will come from Spain for this event.
  • Who are the coaches of the Clinics Fundación Real Madrid?
    The coaching staff is made up of Spanish coaches from the Real Madrid academy, assisted by certified local coaches with the title of received coaches.
  • What do the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics in Qatar include?
    The registration fee in each of the Clinics includes: - Five consecutive training sessions organized by level and age - Official uniform of the Clinics Real Madrid Qatar Foundation (consisting of a shirt, shorts and socks) for each participant - Hydration - Refreshments - Official Diploma Certificate of participation.
  • How is the training program at the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics?
    The program focuses on technical and tactical training, solving problems and making decisions on the spot, in addition to promoting the values associated with sport and with Real Madrid such as: leadership, teamwork, respect for others, solidarity and effort .
  • As a relative of the participant, can I watch during the training?"
    Yes, the trainings are freely accessible to parents and / or relatives (up to 2 adults and 1 child per participant). Do I have to be there? It is not mandatory to stay there.
  • How old must my child be to participate in the Clinics?
    The ages of participation range goes from 6 to 17 years old.
  • Is there goalkeeper training provided?
    Yes, goalkeepers will receive specific training.
  • The Clinic ends before I can pick up my child while I work, is there an "aftercare" option for my child if he needs to stay for a couple of hours?"
    No “aftercare” options will be provided to the Clinic. The facilities will remain open one hour after the end of the Clinic, giving the necessary margin so that they can withdraw the participants in a timely manner.
  • My child does not actively play for any particular club or academy. Can you participate anyway?
    Yes, the clinics are open to all children who only have the desire to participate.
  • Where can I get more information about the Clinic I have booked?
    You will receive an email containing all the relevant information about your registration, approximately one week before the clinic starts.
  • Emails end up in my spam folder. How can I prevent that?
    Try adding our email address to your address book.
  • How can I know if my registration has worked and if my child has been accepted?
    As soon as you register, we will send the confirmation to the email address you provided. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it. Once you have received this confirmation, a place will have been safely reserved for your child.
  • Can I register more than one participant in the selected Clinic?
    Yes, more than one participant may register according to the availability of the vacancies offered. It is important to highlight that each participant must have an individual registration form.
  • What material is necessary to participate in the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics?
    Participants must go with the official team of the Real Madrid Clinic Qatar foundation and sports shoes ( if possible cleats).
  • When will my child receive their uniform?
    The official uniform of the Real Madrid Foundation will be received at the pre-clinic meeting, (the date, place and time of the meeting will be informed via email).
  • Does my child have to wear the uniform every day?
    Yes, the Real Madrid Foundation uniforms are provided to be worn throughout the week.
  • My son / daughter has a Real Madrid uniform, can it be used?"
    No, they can only attend with the official clinic uniform provided by the foundation.
  • My son / daughter is a fan of another team (Chelsea, United, ...), can he / she wear a team shirt?"
    No, they will only be able to attend with the official training clothing of the Real Madrid foundation granted by the organization.
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